Advisory council on multicultural affairs

The Minister's Advisory Council on Multicultural Affairs in the Northern Territory (NT) is known as MACMA.

The council provides:

  • a voice for the multicultural community on issues of interest
  • provides high level and strategic advice to the government to improve policy outcomes.

The council is made up of multicultural community volunteers and representatives from relevant organisations.

The key roles for members are to:

  • advise the minister on matters that are of interest or emerging issues facing the multicultural community
  • explore and discuss how the needs of the community can be effectively met by service providers, so the multicultural community can take part in all aspects of life in the NT
  • direct specific tasks to the relevant working groups to address issues such as employment and community safety
  • consider issues that the relevant minister may refer to the MACMA for advice
  • meet at least twice a year.

MACMA is chaired by the Minister for Multicultural Affairs.

Operational requirements can be delegated to a nominated member.

MACMA members may co-chair a working group that will be tasked to coordinate and develop outcomes to address issues in the multicultural community.

Meeting attendance

Members must commit to attend all MACMA meetings.

If they miss 2 consecutive meetings, they will be requested in writing to resign from MACMA, unless there are extenuating circumstances. They will be replaced with the appointment of another member.

There will be a short reserve list of potential members who could be called to join MACMA to replace outgoing members.

Expressions of interest are now open for members of the MACMA.

MACMA allows members to raise issues and offer advice to the Minister for Multicultural Affairs.

Criteria considered for membership include:

  • knowledge of the issues affecting the NT’s multicultural community
  • involvement in the multicultural community
  • skills and qualifications
  • contribution to MACMA as a community representative
  • a referee who can support your application for membership.

How to apply

To apply, fill in the online form or the below document and email it to

Expressions of interest - MACMA membership PDF (153.2 KB)
Expressions of interest - MACMA membership DOCX (60.5 KB)

Applications close 16 December 2022.

More information

For more information, call 08 8999 3894 or email

Last updated: 18 November 2022

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