Publish a notice in the Gazette

The General Gazette is published by the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel every Wednesday - except during the Christmas and New Year period.

To publish a General Gazette notice, you must submit your request by 12 noon on Monday before publication.

Special Gazettes can be requested for urgent matters that must be published:

  • before the next General Gazette, or
  • when a notice is required at a specific time.

A minimum 2 day turnaround is required for large or complex Special Gazette notices.

If you're requesting a Special Gazette, you must include the reason for the urgency on the request form.

If same day publication is required, you must call 08 8928 6511 before submitting the request.

The cost per notice is:

  • General Gazette - $150
  • Special Gazette - $400.

Style and content rules

While Northern Territory Government publishing styles are applied to the notice, the layout and content are the responsibility of the person who submits the notice.

The following styles must be applied:

  • all references to a legislation title must be in italics and include the year
  • heading and name of Gazette notice is to be in bold
  • heading, notice title, signature block and date to be left aligned
  • justify main body of Gazette notice.

You can't use the following:

  • automatic numbering, hidden formatting or fields
  • headers or footers
  • excessive use of extra paragraph marks or tabs for spacing purposes
  • colour, except maps.

Before you submit

You must ensure the notice:

  • is legally effective
  • has no typographical errors
  • does not contain a future dated signature block
    • these will not be accepted as they are not legally effective.
  • is published before a date of effect mentioned in the notice
    • for example if an appointment starts on 1 July 2022, the notice must be published in the Gazette before that date.

Submit a notice

If you work for government, use the publication request form on NTG Central. You can find it under the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel.

For non-government requests, use the below form.

To submit a notice for the Government Gazette, you must follow the below steps.

Step 1. Fill in the non-government notice request form DOCX (61.3 KB).

Step 2. Attach the following:

  • PDF version of the signed notice
  • Microsoft Word version of the unsigned notice.

Step 3. Email the completed form and attachments to

After you submit

You will get an acknowledgement email to confirm the request. If you don't receive an email within 24 hours, call 08 8928 6511.

An invoice for the cost will be sent to you for payment.

Review a proof before publication

If you need a proof of the notice before publication, you should note that in the request email.

If you request a proof, you must provide approval of the proof before it can be published.

You must provide changes or approval of the proof in email by:

  • 3:30pm on the Tuesday before publication for General Gazettes, or
  • as soon as possible for Special Gazettes.


For more information, email or call 08 8928 6511.

Last updated: 25 October 2022

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