Pregnancy and birthing services in the Top End

Pregnancy and birthing services in Darwin

Darwin has a wide range of services for women during pregnancy, birth and after baby/babies are born:

  • pregnancy care
  • shared care with General Practitioners
  • team midwifery care
  • midwifery care with the midwifery group practice.

Pregnancy care

If you have a normal risk pregnancy you will have most of your pregnancy care with a midwife.

If you have a high risk pregnancy you will see both midwives and doctors.

For more information on pregnancy care call the antenatal clinic on (08) 8922 6707.

Shared care with General Practitioners (GP’s)

You can choose to have shared care.

If your pregnancy is normal, you can choose to have most of your care with your GP.

If you choose shared care, you will have three appointments with midwives and doctors:

  • first visit at 14 to 17 weeks
  • second visit at 36 weeks
  • third visit at 40 weeks and 3 days.

Team midwifery care

If your pregnancy is normal risk, you can be cared for by the midwifery team.

They will provide your care during pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.

Your midwife may refer you to a doctor if you develop any complications or risks.

Team midwifery have clinics at:

  • Palmerston
  • Coconut Grove
  • Darwin Birth Centre.

For more information on team midwifery care call the antenatal clinic on (08) 8922 6707.

Midwifery group practice (MGP)

The midwifery group practice is a group of midwives who provide care for:

  • women with high risk pregnancies
  • women from remote aboriginal communities travelling to Darwin to birth
  • women with normal risk pregnancies planning to have a homebirth (in the Darwin and Palmerston area).

In the MGP you will have most of your pregnancy, birth and postnatal care provided by a small team of midwives.

Women with high risk pregnancies will also have care provided by doctors.

For more information on the midwifery group practice call the antenatal clinic on (08) 8922 6707.

Charles Darwin University – midwifery students

Are you interested in sharing your journey through pregnancy, birth and early parenting with a midwifery student?

As part of their midwifery studies, students from Charles Darwin University (CDU) are required to follow women through their pregnancy, birthing and postnatal experience.

If you would like more support during your pregnancy and birth you can have a midwifery student follow your journey.

Your care is provided by a student midwife who is overseen by a registered midwife or doctor.

For more information on midwifery students call the switchboard on (08) 8922 8888 and ask for pager 0606. You can also email

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Last updated: 18 December 2017

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