Baby and child screening and assessment clinics

There are baby and child health clinics in all government health centres across the Northern Territory (NT). .

Your nearest health centre can be found at your local community care centre or your nearest remote health centre.

The Child Health Services works with families of children from birth to 5 years of age to provide the best opportunities for your child to have a good start in life.

Child Health Service

The Child Health Service provides you with information, advice and support about your baby's first 5 years.

You and your child should have regular health checks throughout this time.

If you have your baby in the NT, you will be contacted by your local health centre after you and your baby are discharged from hospital.

If you are a new family moving to the NT, you can visit or call your local health centre for information on services.

Child screening and assessment

Your child's health and development screening and assessments are important.

Screening and assessment checks that your child is growing and developing as expected for their age.

It includes regular weight and height screening, developmental assessments as well as providing you with advice on parenting and family support.

The Child Health Service gives you information, advice and support on the following:

  • child health, development and learning
  • nutrition, breastfeeding and lactation advice
  • parenting
  • child safety
  • communication - talking and listening
  • play
  • sleep and settling
  • child behaviour
  • childhood vaccination schedule
  • maternal and family health and wellbeing
  • screening and support for postnatal depression
  • screening and support for domestic and family violence.

Talk to your child health nurse about when screening and assessment is done.

The nurse can refer your child for more support or advice if needed.

My child health record

When you have a baby you will get a copy of the NT child health record while you are still in hospital.

This record is also called the yellow book.

Your health centre will record your child's health information including growth, development and immunisations in the book.

You will also find useful parenting information and tips for each stage of your child’s development and ideas for helping your child learn and grow.

Take the yellow book with you each time you go to:

  • your child's health appointments or immunisations
  • the doctor or paediatrician
  • the hospital for emergencies and appointments
  • the dentist or other health professional such as a physiotherapist or speech therapist
  • a community care centre
  • an early childhood education or care setting such as a childcare centre, family day care, kindergarten or school.

Keep the book safe. It is a permanent record of your child’s health.

See the NT child health record on the Department of Health Digital Library.


Immunisations can be given at your local health centre.

Ask your local child health nurse for more information on how to get your child's vaccines done on time.

Read more about child vaccinations.

Group support

Some health care centres provide group support where you can meet other parents.

For information about group and after hours support, speak to your child's health nurse or contact your local health care centre.

Last updated: 05 July 2022

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