Pools or spas responsibilities for tenants

As a tenant, you must report any pool or spa maintenance and safety issues to the property manager or owner as soon as possible.

This includes:

  • gates and doors that are part of the pool safety barrier that don't self-close or self-latch
  • loose poles or posts
  • damaged fence panels or gaps larger than 10cm between the ground and the pool safety barrier.

You're also responsible for making sure:

  • gates and doors that are part of the pool safety barrier are:
    • never propped open
    • maintained and cleaned daily to ensure they self-close and self-latch at all times.
  • no climbable objects are within:
    • 1.2m of the outside of the pool safety barrier when measured from the top of the barrier
    • 30cm of the inside of the pool safety barrier such as tables, chairs or pot plants.

If you install a portable pool or spa that holds 30cm or more of water, the owner must:

  • install a pool safety barrier
  • get a compliance certificate or acknowledgement notice.

To find out about owner responsibilities, read pools or spas at rental properties.


For more information, contact the Pool Fencing Unit.

Last updated: 24 August 2020

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