Condition report at the start of a tenancy

When you rent a property you should be given a copy of a completed and signed condition report within three business days of starting your tenancy. 

It must be completed in your presence, unless it is not practical or you do not appear at the agreed time. 

If the landlord doesn't complete a condition report at the start of your tenancy, they can't claim for any part of your security deposit or for any compensation for cleaning, damage or lost property.

Photographs or video

You should also take photographs or a video of the condition of the premises.

This will can help if you have a dispute at the end of the tenancy over the condition report. 

Accept or change the report

Within five business days of receiving a copy of the condition report, you must:

  • accept the report by signing and returning it to the landlord
  • or mark any changes thought to be appropriate and return it to landlord.

If you take no action if means you have accepted the report. 

If you change the condition report

If you make changes to the condition report and give it back to the landlord, within five business days the landlord may:

  • initial the report to accept it and return a copy to you
  • reach an agreement with you and accept the report - both parties will need to initial changes 
  • apply to the Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal to resolve the problem.

If the landlord takes no action within five business days and you don't apply to the tribunal, the landlord has accepted the changed condition report. 

Keeping a copy

You and the landlord should both keep a copy of the report in safe place.

It will be used an conclusive evidence of the condition of the premises at the start of your tenancy.

Last updated: 01 February 2016

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