Reef fish protection areas

You are not allowed to go recreational fishing in any reef fish protection areas, but you can travel through these areas.

Protection of these areas prevents over-fishing of golden snapper, black jewfish and other vulnerable reef species.

These reef fish protection areas are temporary and will remain for at least five years.

Commercial fisheries that are not allowed to operate in reef fish protection areas include all of the following:

Bathurst Island

The Bathurst Island protection area covers stocks of reef fish around Darwin and the important reef habitat along the west coast of the island.

Reef fish protection area - Bathurst Island

Melville Island

The Melville Island protection area covers the eastern coast of the Tiwi Islands and fish stocks that may be linked to Chambers and Finke Bay coastal reefs.

Reef fish protection area - Melville Island

Charles Point Wide

The Charles Point Wide protection area covers important deep water areas to reduce impacts of barotrauma.

Reef fish protection area - Charles Point Wide

Lorna Shoal

The Lorna Shoal protection area covers reef habitat that have been overfished.

Reef fish protection area - Lorna Shoal

Moyle and Port Keats

The Moyle and Port Keats protection area covers fish stocks that may be linked to Anson Bay, Peron Islands, Dundee and Fog Bay.

Reef fish protection area - Moyle Port Keats

Last updated: 01 March 2016

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