Catching a tagged fish

In the Northern Territory (NT) some fish are tagged for research purposes.

You can catch a tagged fish but you should report it so more knowledge can be gained about the growth and movement of fish.

If you report information about a tagged fish you will be given a free fishing lure.

If you catch a tagged fish

There are steps you should follow when you catch a tagged fish.

Step 1: Record information

You should record all of these:

  • tag number
  • location and date it was caught
  • length of the fish
  • depth of the water
  • if the fish was kept or released.

Step 2: Leave the tag intact

If you release the fish, leave the tag intact so it will continue to provide information every time it is caught.

Step 3: Report the tagged fish

You should report the tagged fish by any of the following ways:

Tags on barramundi

Tags on barramundi are yellow or green and are under the dorsal spines near the shoulder.

Each tag has an individual tag number and a phone number.

Scientists estimate how many barramundi are caught each year based on the percentage of tagged fish that are reported by recreational fishers.

Other tagged fish

Small numbers of golden snapper, mangrove jack, black jewfish, mackerel, and sharks have tags in the NT.

Tags are green and are below the dorsal spines.

Each tag has an individual number and a phone number.

Last updated: 29 January 2016

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