Golden snapper

Golden snapper have a fingerprint-like mark below the top fin. 

This mark fades as the fish grows.

They are also called fingermark bream, spotted-scale sea perch, snapper, goldie and fingermark.

Golden snapper are excellent to eat.

Golden Snapper 

Where they live

These fish live in estuaries and near inshore rocks and reefs.


Golden snapper can weigh as much as 8kg.

When to catch

You can catch these fish year round but the best time is from October to December.

How to catch

Golden snapper will take small, deep-diving lures around reefs and other underwater forms. Use squid and pilchard baits. 

Offshore, snapper are often caught by bottom fishing on heavy lines but lighter tackle is fine for estuaries.

Golden snapper are highly prone to barotrauma when caught from depths greater than 10m and should not be targeted for catch and release.

Last updated: 13 October 2017