Prepare a proposal for an ornamental aquaculture licence

To prepare your licence proposal for an ornamental aquaculture licence you will need to include the following information.

Details of applicant

You must include the full name, postal and residential address, work, home phone and facsimile numbers of all applicants. If you are a corporation you must provide a copy of a company extract from Australian Securities Commission.

Planning approval (if required)

You must provide written proof that approval from the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics or the local town council is not required.

If a development permit is required then please include a copy of the permit together with the terms and conditions.

Proof of right to use the area (ownership or lease)

You must provide a copy of the current certificate of title for the property or full details of the lease or intended lease.

Facility construction plan

You must supply complete details of:

  • layout
  • sources of all water, salt, brackish or fresh required
  • design of tanks and their purpose (eg quarantine, growout, juvenile rearing)
  • direction of water flow (including quantities required on a seasonal basis, source, discharge points, filter mechanisms) and show the nearest natural waterway and pathway of surface water runoff.

Experience and qualifications of applicant(s) and key personnel

You must include the relevant experience and qualifications of applicants and key personnel.

Quarantine and disease strategies

You must provide a detailed description of the proposed method of handling new animals brought onto the facility and the strategies to be adopted in the advent of disease outbreak.

Description of aquaculture process

You must provide a list of the species to be cultured by common and scientific name, together with a detailed description of the production method to be used.

If you are importing fish or aquatic organisms, eggs or juveniles into the Northern Territory you must apply for an import permit for each shipment.


You must provide details of the proposed security measures to be used at the facility including:

  • barriers to prevent the active escape of livestock (eg jumping, crawling or swimming out of the enclosures)
  • barriers to prevent the passive escape of livestock (eg through discharge water)
  • structures to prevent ponds from overflowing at unplanned points, these must be screened to prevent escape of livestock
  • plans for the recovery of stock in cases of accidental release.

Fisheries must be notified in writing of any proposed changes to the construction. Any expansion or alteration of the facility design must be approved prior to commencing construction.

You must also specify how the facility will be decommissioned.

Proposal and checklist

Down load a copy of the ornamental aquaculture licence proposal form and checklist DOCX (61.5 KB)

How to submit your proposal

You can submit your application to Fisheries Licensing by email, mail or in person:


Fisheries Licensing
Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade
GPO Box 3000
Darwin NT 0801


Fisheries Licensing
Goff Letts Building 
Berrimah Farm
Makagon Road


You can contact the senior licensing officer by calling 08 8999 2370 for assistance with your application.

Last updated: 28 January 2022

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