Help your child read and learn

This page has information on how you can encourage your child to read and learn.

You have an important role in teaching your child: 

  • how to talk
  • getting on with others
  • showing and reading emotions
  • have a positive sense of self
  • how to read and write. 

Helping your child to develop these skills at home can assist them when they go to school.

Encourage your child to play

Encourage play based learning to help your child:

  • explore the world - natural and social
  • develop and practice social and language skills
  • expand and challenge their physical skills
  • enhance their self-confidence
  • think and express themselves creatively
  • respond to experiences with or without language
  • develop their sense of self and identity
  • develop positive attitudes of self-motivation and self-direction
  • learn cooperation and group values
  • develop curiosity, persistence and concentration
  • develop language and numeracy skills.

Help your child to read and write

The following tips may help your child to learn:

  • start with simple books with large pictures and contrasting backgrounds
  • talk about the pictures to begin with, particularly those your child is interested in
  • let your child sit on your lap and position them to see what you are looking at 
  • use a variety of voices to bring stories alive when reading aloud to your toddler
  • let your child turn pages and point to pictures
  • ask questions about the pictures and answer questions as well as you can
  • ask your child to predict what might happen next
  • sometimes point to the words as you read and, if a child is interested in the words and letters, you might talk about them
  • use print in the world around and in daily routines to support the importance and purpose of reading
  • talk to your child as much as possible about routine events and activities, labelling and describing what is happening
  • tell stories such as fairy or traditional tales, made up stories or favourite stories
  • give your child crayons, paints, water-based markets and paper to scribble, draw and write
  • write their name on pictures in the top left-hand corner
  • encourage all efforts to write
  • write their stories or descriptions of their pictures on the picture
  • display their artwork
  • use any chance to encourage writing, such as sending artwork 'letter' to friends or family.

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Last updated: 03 November 2015

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