Youth camp programs

If you’re concerned about a young person’s behaviour, they can attend a youth camp program in the Northern Territory (NT).

These camp programs are available to young people aged 12 to 17 years old who are at risk of or are already breaking the law.

Their aim is to intervene and engage them onto a better path so they:

  • make positive life choices
  • be productive members of the community.

It’s voluntary to take part and is delivered in age and gender cohorts.

This is in partnership with local organisations and businesses who help deliver them.

What's involved

There are different types of camp programs to support young people.

They deliver culturally appropriate and intensive intervention activities including physical challenges, outdoor work and counselling.

They may help them:

  • become aware of the impact and causal factors of their offending and anti-social behaviours
  • change their attitude and enhance their resilience
  • learn behaviour management skills
  • overcome their alcohol or drug abuse issues
  • improve their health and wellbeing
  • identify and overcome issues they have with their family
  • strengthen their cultural connection and identity
  • take part in education and training initiatives like VET
  • gain work experience, skills and training to enter the workforce
  • develop life skills and positive social interactions
  • connect them and their families to support services.

More information

For more information including how to make a referral, contact the Youth Community Programs team in the Youth Justice unit.

Last updated: 09 August 2022

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