Incorporated associations

Appointing office bearers

Your incorporated association must have a public officer.

Depending on your association's constitution, you may also appoint additional office bearers to the management committee, such as the following:

  • chairperson or president
  • secretary
  • treasurer.

You must have at least five members, who may also be office bearers, to register your incorporated association in the Northern Territory (NT).

Public officers

A public officer has all of the following unique responsibilities:

  • is the association's legal representative
  • is the association's legal contact for Licensing NT and the public
  • must tell Licensing NT within 14 days if their contact details change
  • should keep a copy of the constitution and make it available to members on request.

A public officer loses their office if they:

  • become bankrupt
  • become of unsound mind
  • formally resign or are removed by members
  • no longer live in the NT
  • die.

Apply to be a public officer or change a public officer's details

To be elected public officer by your association, you must be all the following:

  • a member or employee of the association
  • a resident of the NT
  • over 18 years.

The public officer can also hold another position on the management committee for the association.

When an association is first incorporated, the person who makes the application will automatically become its public officer - no additional forms or fees are needed.

To become a public officer for an existing incorporated association or to change a public officer's details you must:

Management committee

Your association's management committee is made up of both of the following:

  • the public officer
  • ordinary management committee members.

Management committee responsibilities

The management committee must do all of the following for the association:

  • lodge audited annual accounts with Licensing NT in the prescribed timeframe
  • make the audited accounts available to members at least 14 days before the annual general meeting (AGM)
  • keep a current register of members and make it available to other members
  • keep a current register of conflicts and a register of assets
  • hold meetings in line with its constitution and the law
  • record accurate minutes that are confirmed by members and signed by the meeting chair
  • appoint a public officer and ensure the position is not vacant for over 14 days
  • be legally able to hold their office
  • disclose conflicts of interest in existing or proposed contracts, and table them at the AGM
  • ensure its activities are in line with its constitution
  • act in the best interest of the association and its members.

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Last updated: 08 March 2019

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