Being exempt or excused from jury service

You may apply to be excused from jury service if either:

  • you have a good reason, such as ill health, urgent or important matters
  • or you have served on a jury within the last three years.

However, approvals for release are not often granted.

How to apply to be excused

If you feel you may be exempt or excused, you must complete a statutory declaration stating the reasons why you are unable to serve on a jury.

Your statutory declaration must be signed and witnessed by anyone who is over 18 years old.

You must return your statutory declaration in the reply paid envelope.

A court officer will contact you about your application.

People who are not qualified

You are not qualified to serve as a juror if you:

  • are unable to read, write and speak English
  • are of unsound mind, in a hospital or approved treatment facility or undergoing treatment
  • are a protected person under the Aged and Infirm Persons’ Property Act
  • have been sentenced to life imprisonment
  • are on parole after a life imprisonment sentence
  • have been imprisoned in the last seven years
  • are under an order of the Adult Guardianship Act
  • do not live in the jury district for Darwin or Alice Springs.

People who are exempt

You are exempt from serving as a juror if any of the following apply:

  • you have a vision, hearing or other impairment
  • you are the Administrator, the Administrator’s official secretary or the secretary of the Executive Council
  • you hold or have held within 10 years a judicial office or are the spouse of a judge
  • you are a member of the Legislative Assembly
  • you are the Ombudsman or employed in the office of the Ombudsman
  • you are regularly employed in aerial ambulance services
  • you are a practising legal practitioner or an articled clerk of a practising legal practitioner
  • you are a clergyman in holy orders, a priest of the Roman Catholic faith, a minister of religion with an established congregation, a monk, nun or other vowed member of a religious community
  • you are a registered and practising dentist or dental specialist
  • you are a member of secretary of the Parole Board or a parole officer
  • you are a member of the Northern Territory police force
  • you are employed in a government agency responsible for law and administration of justice, prisons and correctional services, administration of the courts or who is under the direct control of the Commissioner of police
  • you are employed by the Legal Aid Commission.

It is against the law to be dismissed from your job for attending jury service. For more information, read the Juries Act 1962.

Last updated: 08 March 2019


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