Start, run and grow a business

You can get access to support and services to help start, run or grow your business in the Northern Territory.

Find a small business champion

  • Start or buy a business
    Find out where to get resources if you want to start or grow a business, including information about starting a small business.
  • Licensing for your business
    Read about and get resources related to licensing and your business in the Northern Territory.
  • Leasing a commercial property
    Before you sign a lease, entering into a lease, lease costs and the Business Tenancies (Fair Dealings) Act.
  • Information packs for your business
    Find out about extra resources for your business produced by the Australian Business Licence and Information Service.
  • Young people and business
    Find out what resources are available to you as a young person looking at starting a business.
  • Online business
    Find out where to get information about running an online business including practical tips.
  • Business support services
    Contact details for support services available for businesses in the Northern Territory.
  • Managing your staff: workforce planning
    Templates and advice for recruiting, managing and retaining workers and workforce planning.
  • Trade measurements
    Information for businesses that must comply with Australian trade measurement laws, such as manufacturers or importers and retailers of pre-packaged goods.
  • Workplace health and safety
    Find out where to get information or resources related to your workplace health and safety obligations.
  • Sell or close a business
    Get information to help decide whether you should sell or close your business, and resources that will help once you have made a decision.