Summary of petroleum title types

This page contains a summary of the types of petroleum titles which can be obtained in the Northern Territory under the Petroleum Act or the Petroleum (Submerged Lands) Act.

 Petroleum ActPetroleum (Submerged Lands) Act
Title typeExploration permitExploration permit
Term5 years - 50% relinquishment at end6 years - 50% relinquishment at end
Renewal term5 years - maximum of 2 renewals5 years - maximum of 2 renewals
Maximum blocks200 (5ft block/s)400 (5ft block/s)
Title typeRetention licenceRetention lease 
Term5 years5 years
Maximum blocks12 (5ft block/s)Extent of petroleum pool/location (5ft block/s)
Renewal termSubsequent 5 year periods if discovery remains uncommercialSubsequent 5 year periods if discovery remains uncommercial
Title typeProduction licenceProduction licence
Term21 or 25 years21 or 25 years
Renewal termUp to 25 years21 years
Maximum blocks12Extent of petroleum pool/location

Last updated: 28 November 2017