Apply for a mineral title

Application process flowcharts for different land tenures

The flow charts below detail the processes and requirements for applying for a mineral title over the different types of land tenure in the Northern Territory.

The land tenure affects the way an application is processed, and you need to follow different steps depending on the tenure. The tenure can also affect the length of time it takes for a title to be granted.

The notes in red on each document refer to sections of the Mineral Titles Act 2010.

Note that a mining authorisation must also be obtained before starting any work that is defined as substantial disturbance.

Exploration licences

Get the following flow charts for exploration applications according to land tenure types.

Mineral leases, access authorities and permits

Get the following flow charts for mineral lease, extractive mineral lease, permit applications and access authorities according to land tenure types.

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Last updated: 03 May 2016

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