Incorporated associations

Drafting a constitution

Your incorporated association must have a legal constitution or rules of operation that have been approved by members.

You can draft your own constitution or use the model constitution template.

Model constitution template PDF (88.8 KB)
Model constitution template DOCX (53.7 KB).

You will need to submit your approved constitution when you apply to register your association.

Legal requirements

To be a legal document, your association's constitution must include all of the following:

  • membership requirements
  • office bearer requirements and how to fill those positions
  • how to settle disputes between your association and its members
  • management committee structure and powers
  • how to call and hold management committee meetings
  • how funds are managed
  • how to modify the constitution or objectives or the association
  • an annexure clause, as shown in the template above, on the front page when you register your association.

Requirements for trading associations

To form an incorporated trading association, your constitution must also include both of the following:

  • how members share profits
  • how members share surplus assets, if any, when you wind up or dissolve the association.

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Last updated: 19 March 2021

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