Adult entertainment in licensed premises

If you have a licensed venue, you can apply to host adult entertainment at your premises.

You must have an adult entertainment authority attached to your licence to have adult performers at your venue.

Adult entertainment is provided by one or more performers who are:

  • partially nude
  • fully nude
  • wearing lingerie or underwear.

Find out how to apply for an adult entertainment authority.

In a licensed venue, adult entertainment performers are not allowed to engage in any of the following with an audience member or another performer:

  • sexual intercourse
  • oral sex
  • any other intimate physical contact, whether deliberate or by accident.

It is also against the law for performers to:

  • engage in penetration
  • solicit performances by audience members
  • offer alcohol to entice a member of the public to perform
  • solicit prostitution.

There are certain guidelines you need to follow when you provide adult entertainment at your venue.


You must display a sign at all entrances to the show area.

The sign must be displayed from the start of trading hours until after the last show has ended.

The letters on the sign must be at least 2cm high.

The sign should say that:

  • an 'R' rated show is in progress between certain hours on certain days
  • people under 18 years will not be permitted
  • people may be offended by the show.


Advertising about adult entertainment must include that:

  • the show may offend and
  • people under 18 years will not be admitted.

During a performance

You must make sure that:

  • patrons stay at least 1m from the performance area
  • all performances are kept under video surveillance and a record is kept for 28 days afterwards
  • curtains or screens are drawn so that people passing by or in other areas can't see the show
  • people under 18 years are not allowed into the performance area before or during a performance
  • a responsible manager is present during each performance
  • security guards are around to supervise the performance and enforce the rules.

Patrons may only have physical contact with a performer if the licensee has an explicit adult entertainment authority and:

  • the performer invites the contact as part of the performance
  • the invitation is not coercive, lewd or explicit
  • the contact is voluntary, brief and done in good humour
  • no explicit sexual act is performed or encouraged by the performer or patron.

Last updated: 01 October 2019

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