Apply for an Alcohol Secure grant

If you operate licensed premises in the Northern Territory (NT), you may be able to get funding to help protect your alcohol stock from theft and damage.

Licensed premises can include:

  • restaurants
  • pubs
  • cafes
  • supermarkets
  • other liquor retailers.

Read the grant terms and conditions.

Alcohol secure terms and conditions (235.9 kb)
Alcohol secure terms and conditions (186.8 kb)

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What you can apply for

Under the program, eligible applicants can get a maximum grant of either:

  • $10,000 for liquor safety improvement works without co-contribution, or
  • $20,000 with dollar for dollar co-contribution by the applicant.

The works must be done by a Territory-based business.

The contracted business will need to be approved under the program before any works start.

Who can apply

To receive funding you must be a business or organisation that is either:

  • duly incorporated under an Act of the Northern Territory or the Commonwealth, or
  • a sole trader or partnership operating under a NT registered business name.

Your business must also meet all of the following:

  • be physically located in the NT
  • service customers or clientele from a shopfront or have at least one external publicly accessible entry/exit point
  • offer goods and/or services to the public
  • have no more than 100 proprietors and employees, including contract employees, engaged by the business or any controlling entity/ies
  • hold a valid Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • hold a valid subsisting licence to sell liquor on or from the premises under the Liquor Act (NT) and not be in breach of that licence.

Who is excluded

The following businesses are not eligible for funding:

  • liquor wholesalers
  • businesses that don't operate from a fixed premise, such as mobile businesses
  • publicly listed companies
  • home based businesses or businesses operating from residential premises
  • businesses located in arcades or shopping centres that are only directly accessible from inside the shopping centre.

What funding can be used for

You can use the funding to purchase and install equipment and fittings that will be permanently fixed to your business.

The purpose of any works must be to improve the security and safety of either:

  • the premises, or
  • the alcohol storage area inside the premises.

You can apply for funding to support works on up to three approved premises.

What can't be funded

You can't use funding for security cameras or other passive security measures.

How to apply

Step 1. Read the grant terms and conditions.

Alcohol secure terms and conditions (235.9 kb)
Alcohol secure terms and conditions (186.8 kb)

Step 2. Get a quote for your works.

Step 3. If you meet the terms and conditions, you can apply online at the Smartygrants website.

Get a sample quote or invoice

The quotes and invoices you submit must comply with the grant terms and conditions.

Below are templates that can be used to make sure quotes and invoices meet the requirements.

Alcohol secure quote template (117.4 kb)
Alcohol secure quote template (22.5 kb)

Alcohol secure invoice template (114.3 kb)
Alcohol secure invoice template (19.6 kb)


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Last updated: 05 November 2018


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