Cattle disease and animal management publications

You can get Northern Territory (NT) Government publications about diseases, treatment and general management of buffalo.

They're provided as general information only and you should get specific professional advice for your particular situation.

The NT Government are not responsible for any loss, expense, damage or injury that results from using this information.

The publications listed below and other information can be accessed through the online publications search library.

Abattoir traceback - cattle granulomas PDF (135.8 KB)
Acaricide (chemical) resistance in cattle ticks PDF (570.0 KB)
Botulism poisoning in cattle in the NT PDF (191.4 KB)
Cattle feeding restrictions to prevent mad cow disease (BSE) PDF (286.2 KB)
Cattle ticks PDF (258.5 KB)
Coccidiosis PDF (418.8 KB)
Enzootic Bovine LeucosisPDF (116.9 KB)
Ionophore poisoning DOCX (56.7 KB)
Ironwood poisoningPDF (412.7 KB)
Johne's disease National Johne's disease program page_redirect
Obstructive urolithiasis (bladder stones) in cattle PDF (123.7 KB)
Sarcostemma (pencil caustic) poisoning PDF (287.5 KB)
Swainsona poisoning in cattle and horses PDF (243.7 KB)
Tetanus PDF (310.0 KB)
Three-day sickness or ephemeral fever PDF (151.7 KB)
Tick fevers of cattle PDF (1.1 MB)
Trichomoniasis PDF (137.8 KB)
Urea poisoning PDF (136.7 KB)
Vibriosis - campylobacteriosis PDF (147.2 KB)
Zamia (cycad) poisoning PDF (651.5 KB)

The effect of albendazole on the liveweight of Brahman cross weaners in the NT PDF (142.6 KB)
Artificial breeding of beef cattle in the NT PDF (2.5 MB)
Heat stress in cattle PDF (42.3 KB)
Meeting market specifications for cattle part 1: dentition score PDF (78.7 KB)
Herd health and performance on Westside Mount Riddock Station, NT PDF (1.8 MB)
Declaring stock free of hormonal growth promotants PDF (118.7 KB)
Use of hormonal growth promotants in the NT PDF (31.2 KB)

Last updated: 13 April 2022

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