Approved industrial hemp seed cultivars

Seed cultivars on this list have been selected based on low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels as reported in research and industry literature.

While the list is comprehensive, not all suitable cultivars may have been included.

If you're a licence holder, you can submit a request for a new cultivar to be considered for this approved list.

You can do this by filling in the below form and emailing it to

Recognition of a new cultivar for addition to the approved list form PDF (165.5 KB)
Recognition of a new cultivar for addition to the approved list form DOCX (63.4 KB)

Determining suitability of the cultivar for growing conditions in the Northern Territory is the responsibility of the licence holder.

For more information on adding a new cultivar to the approved list, call the Hemp Compliance Unit on 08 8999 2392 or read the assessment criteria.

This list is current as of 19 October 2020.

Cultivar/variety Country of origin
Bama China
Bundy GemAustralia
CFX-1 Canada
CFX-2 Canada
CHY133 Australia
Clarence Valley Jade Australia
Delores Canada
Earlina 8 FC France
ECO-SE2 Australia
ECO-SE3 Australia
ECO-SE4 Australia
Fibror 79 France
FINOLA Finland
Fedora 17France
Fedrina 74France
Felina 32 France
Felina 34 France
Ferimon France
Futura 75 France
Frog OneAustralia
Georgina Canada
Grandi Canada
Han ColdChina
Han NEChina
Han FNHChina
Han FNQChina
Joey Canada
Katani Canada
KC Zuzana Hungary
Kepnock Australian
King Gee Australia
Kompolti Hungary
Kompolti Hibrid TC Hungary
Kompolti Sargaszaru Hungary
Monoica Hungary
MS77 Australia
Novasadska Serbia
Picolo Canada
Rigel Canada
Santhica 27 France
Santhica 70 France
Secuieni Jubileu Romania
Silesia Canada
Tiborszallasi Hungary
Tisza Hungary
USO 14 Ukraine/Canada
USO 31 Ukraine/Canada
Uniko B Hungary
Victoria Canada
X-59 (Hemp Nut) Canada
Zenit Romania
Zolotonosha 11 Ukraine
Zolotonosha 15 Ukraine

Last updated: 18 March 2021

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