Grower licensing and accreditation

Permits and licences

If you are starting up a new plant nursery or horticulture business in the Northern Territory (NT), you can find out about the licences you might need to operate from the Australian Business Licence Information Service.

The information available includes Commonwealth and local authority requirements for your business to operate legally.

The service is provided free of charge. For more information, go to the Australian Business Licence Information Service website.


If you want your horticulture business to be recognised as meeting national or other standards, you can join a voluntary accreditation scheme. These schemes recognise best practice and are run by independent organisations.

The Nursery Accreditation Scheme Australia is a voluntary set of nationally recognised standards for nursery and potting media businesses. For details go to the Greenlife Industry Australia website.

Freshcare is a voluntary quality assurance program for fresh produce. For more information go to the Freshcare website.

Organic products are grown without synthetic chemicals and fertilisers. There is a national standard for organic produce, as well as certification schemes based on your business size and industry type. For more information, go to the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia website.

Apply for Interstate Certification Assurance

If you export fruit or vegetables from the NT, you can apply for Interstate Certification Assurance (ICA).

Last updated: 20 May 2022

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