Banana freckle eradication program

Banana freckle was detected in the Top End of the Northern Territory (NT) in 2013. The campaign to eradicate it has entered its final phase.

Buy, grow, move or sell bananas

You no longer need a permit to buy, grow, move or sell banana plants within the NT. Red quarantine zones have been lifted.

The NT has not been declared free of banana freckle. You should avoid moving or sharing plants.

Move bananas into or out of the NT

You still need a permit to move banana plants or fruit into or out of the NT. To find out more contact Plant Biosecurity.

Eradication program final phase

The final checks are being made to prove the NT is free of banana freckle. More than 300 properties will be inspected as part of these checks.

You will have been told if your property needs to be inspected.

Read more about the eradication program at the Department of Primary Industry and Resources website.

What you must do: check your plants

You should regularly check your banana plants. You must report any sign of banana freckle by law.

Read more about laws relating to banana freckle at the Department of Primary Industry and Resources website.

What it looks and feels like

Banana freckle makes leaves and fruit spotty and feel like sandpaper, which is caused by the fungal spore vessels sticking up through the surface of the leaf or skin.

Banana freckle on fruitBanana freckle on leaves

Report banana freckle

To report signs of banana freckle call 1800 771 163.

More information

Find out more about banana freckle at the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries website.

Get the banana freckle fact sheet at the Plant Health Australia website.

Last updated: 04 July 2017


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