Apply for a permit to use a declared weed

A declared weed is a plant that is to be controlled, eradicated or prevented from entering the Northern Territory (NT). 

Although declared as weeds, some plants have value and a permit provides strict control and monitoring of their use.

Permits may be granted to possess, use, transport, grow or harvest a weed for display, scientific, commercial or other purposes.

A permit will be subject to conditions as appropriate. 

You may have to pay a bond against costs to prevent the spread of the weed or as a result of the permit, and in some cases you must pay a fee for a permit.

Not all permit applications are granted.

How to apply

To apply for a permit follow these steps.

Step 1. Discuss what you want to do and why you need a permit with Weed Management.

Step 2. Fill in the use a declared weed form PDF (380.4 KB).

Step 3. Prepare you supporting documents. These are listed in the form. 

You must give enough information to show the weed will not escape or be accidentally or deliberately spread.

Step 4. Submit your application and documents by mail, email or in person to Weed Management.

When permits are not allowed

Except for science research purchases, you can't receive a permit when:

  • the weed is currently not in the NT or has been assessed as high or very high risk
  • or you have outstanding matters from a previous permit - eg: if you didn't hand in reports you had to make as a condition of that permit.

Last updated: 02 December 2021

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