Water drilling licences

Water drilling licence class 2

A class 2 water drilling licence allows drilling operations in multiple aquifer systems. 

Drilling and bore construction in multiple aquifer systems needs more knowledge and skills as there can't be inter-aquifer communication. This can cause contamination and reduction in the water source. 

How to get a class 2 drilling licence

There are two ways that you can get a class 2 water drilling licence:

  1. If you have held a class 1 licence or have the qualifications and experience needed for a class 1 licence, and you have been employed as a driller for at least 12 months. As a driller you must have completed at least six class 2 bores under supervision and passed the appropriate drilling licence examinations.
  2. If you have been issued with a class 2 drilling licence for bore construction in another Australian state or territory and this is equal to the qualifications and experience needed for a class 2 driller licence in the Northern Territory (NT).

Skills, experience and knowledge

You must have all the knowledge and skills of a class 1 driller and all of the following:

  • bore design - design and construction of bores in multiple aquifers, particularly designs and methods used to keep out unsuitable waters
  • screen setting and gravel pack selection - skill in the design of high yielding bores is needed, which includes overcoming entrance velocity problems and carrying out sand sieve analysis to choose the right gravel pack material and screens
  • grouting - grouting casing, placing cement plugs over selected zones, able to calculate hole volumes, slurry volumes and specific gravities, hole preparation, casing installation and circulation needs
  • aquifer testing - what is involved and data needed from a multi-stage pumping test
  • decommissioning - designing and selecting appropriate materials for the decommissioning of bores in multiple aquifers.

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Last updated: 21 January 2016

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