Bore water use

The amount of water you need from your bore will depend on property size and what you are using the water for.

You must work out all of the following in relation to water use before constructing a bore:

  • your property's water use - this may include a mix of the following uses: 
    • domestic
    • home
    • garden
    • stock
    • crop
  • the amount of water you need for each use and when you will need the water most
  • what supplies you have or will need to get - rainwater tanks, water storage tanks and pumps.

Average household water use in the Northern Territory is 500 litres per person each day. 

The amount of water needed for a garden will be different for each property as garden designs and plant types vary. 

An irrigation specialist or pump supplier can give you advice on your water needs and the best irrigation systems.

You can get help to calculate water needs for agricultural, horticultural and pastoral uses.

For more information contact the Department of Primary Industry and Resources.

Depending on where your property is located, you may need a groundwater extraction licence.

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Last updated: 03 August 2018