Keeping crocodiles as pets

Handling crocodiles

Crocodiles do not like to be handled. 

While crocodiles will get used to regular handling, you should always be on guard when handling a crocodile.

Always handle young crocodiles gently.

Try to give new crocodiles several weeks to settle into the enclosure before handling them.

The best way to hold a crocodile is with a firm grip around the neck, and your other hand under the body. 

Larger crocodiles may need this second hand to support the base of the tail.

An elastic band can be placed around the snout of the crocodile to make sure it doesn't bite. 

Approach the crocodile from behind and close the jaws at this angle before fitting the band. 

Always remove the band when you return the animal to its enclosure.

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Last updated: 17 February 2016

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