Stamp duty

Stamp duty is a general purpose tax imposed on some written documents and transactions relating to property acquisition.

You must pay stamp duty if you want to buy property.

The types of transactions that may be subject to stamp duty include:

  • motor vehicle registration and transfers
  • insurance policies
  • transfers of property such as businesses or real estate.

A transfer of shares in a company or units in a trust may also attract duty if the company or trust also owns land in the Territory.

The amount of stamp duty you need to pay depends on the type and value of the transaction.

Some exemptions or concessions on stamp duty may apply for land and business transactions.

Read about exemptions or concessions on stamp duty.

Some exemptions are also available on the registration or transfer of motor vehicles.

To find out if you are eligible read the information on the application for exemption for stamp duty on a motor vehicle PDF (195.5 KB) and fill in the form if applicable.

If you disagree with a decision

If you believe the stamp duty assessed on a business or real estate transaction entered into by you is wrong, you can lodge an objection with the Territory Revenue Office.

You must lodge your objection in writing within 60 days of the stamp duty being assessed.

You must include the full details of why you object.

Last updated: 15 March 2018

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