Unclaimed money and companies

This page has information for companies with a head or principal office in the Northern Territory who must keep an alphabetical register, by calendar year, of unclaimed money.

Unclaimed money includes deposits, securities and money payable such as dividends, bonuses or profits. 

Moneys become unclaimed when recovery is barred by law, which is generally three years after they became legally payable.

Individuals can still claim their money, but the process is different. 

Search for unclaimed money

Go to the Department of Treasury and Finance website to search for and claim unclaimed company money. 

Record keeping

Your company must keep an alphabetical register of unclaimed money that lists all of the following:

  • name of owner of money
  • last address known
  • total amount due to owner
  • date money became payable
  • description of unclaimed money
  • date of last claim.

Record submission

Your company must submit both the following to the Territory Revenue Office by the last day of February following the year the money became unclaimed:

  • a copy of the register for the government gazette
  • statutory declaration (243.8 kb) form made by an authorised officer confirming the particulars of the unclaimed money.

Payment of unclaimed money

Your company has 13 months from the date the register is published in the government gazette to pay the unclaimed money to the Territory Revenue Office.

Contact the Territory Revenue Office for more information.

Last updated: 28 November 2017