Child restraints

Using a child restraint

This page contains information on the proper use of child restraints in your vehicle.

Follow these steps before using a child restraint:

Step 1. Read the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 2. Make sure you know how to install a child restraint correctly.

Step 3. Check whether the tether strap is in your way. If the tether strap is in your way, either:

  • separate the tether strap from the anchorage
  • or extend the connected tether strap until the tether strap is loose.

Every time you use the child restraint you should check the following:

  • the tether strap and the harness are not twisted and are properly connected and firm
  • the seat belt is correctly fitted, engaged and adjusted.

As your child grows, you will need to adjust the harness.

Follow these steps when using the child restraint harness:

Step 1. Don't wrap your baby in a blanket or a rug before you place the baby in the restraint.

Step 2. Place the harness straps over your baby's shoulders and between the legs.

Step 3. Don't place the shoulder straps below the baby's shoulders.

Step 4. Adjust the harness until it fits comfortably yet firmly.

Step 5. Check that you can't fit more than one of your fingers between the straps and your baby. If you can the harness is not tight enough.

Step 6. Check that the baby can breathe comfortably.

Once you have followed these steps, you can then cover your baby with a blanket or rug.

When using a booster seat you should check the following:

  • the sash part of the seatbelt must pass over the shoulder of your child
  • the lap part of the seatbelt must pass across your child's hips
  • you're not using a lap-only seatbelt.

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Last updated: 14 November 2018

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