Apply for a Seniors Card

Any permanent Northern Territory (NT) resident who is 60 years of age or older is eligible for a NT Seniors card.

The Seniors Card is free and provides access to savings on a range of goods and services at participating businesses.

Find out where you can use your card.

You can also get a $55 annual concession on your registration of a private vehicle. 

Your Seniors Card is a lifetime card - it does not need to be renewed.

You can apply for a replacement if your card is damaged, lost or stolen.

How to apply

To apply for a Seniors Card follow these steps.

Step 1. Fill in the Seniors Card form (1.2 mb).
Step 2. Send the form to: 

Seniors Card
PO Box 37037
Winnellie NT 0820

For more information about how to apply call the Seniors Card office on 1800 441 489 or email

How to use your Seniors Card

The Seniors Card is for personal use. You can't transfer it to other people, including family members, friends or colleagues.

Show your card to let businesses know that you are entitled to benefits and discounts that they have agreed to provide.

Always tell the business that you intend to claim their benefit or discount before going ahead with the purchase.

There is no obligation on businesses to give you a discount after the transaction has occurred.

Using your Seniors Card interstate or overseas


You can use your NT Seniors Card for discounted fares on most interstate public transport. It is best to check this before you travel.

Many interstate Seniors Card businesses also extend their offer to visitors. However, it is at their discretion and you should always check first.


It is worth taking your Seniors Card with you when travelling overseas. It is often accepted by businesses internationally as a matter of goodwill.

There is evidence of the card being accepted in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Canada and UK.

Last updated: 30 November 2017