Community benefit fund: major community events grant

How your application is assessed

This page provides information on how your application for a major community events grants is assessed.

Your application will be assessed by the community benefit fund (CBF) committee.

The committee is made up of representatives appointed by the responsible Minister. It consists mainly of non-government community representatives from across the Northern Territory (NT).

The committee considers all funding applications and makes recommendations to the Minister who will ultimately determine if a grant will or will not be funded.

Step 1. Check

The CBF secretariat will check the following:

  • you are an eligible organisation
  • your organisation is meeting its reporting obligations under the Act under which it is incorporated or with Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission if applicable
  • your organisation doesn't have any current major community event grants
  • your organisation doesn't have any outstanding acquittals with the CBF.

The secretariat will attach the funding history for your organisation to your application.

Step 2. Assessment

The CBF committee will consider all funding applications and make recommendations to the Minister.

The committee will check your application as follows:

  • meets the eligibility requirements
  • seeks funding for an activity, purpose or project permitted
  • aligns with the priorities set
  • contains quotes where applicable - preference given to quotes from the NT
  • has a co-contribution towards the cost of the event - including in-kind
  • represents value for money
  • includes an accurately costed and viable budget
  • demonstrates planning, including identifying outcomes
  • has evidence of community support or involvement.

Other factors that will be taken into consideration include:

  • how long has event been running
  • how many people are expected to attend event
  • how much funding your organisation has already received from the CBF
  • whether your organisation has the capacity to deliver the event
  • evidence of sound financial management
  • how much funding your organisation already receives from other sources
  • how much funding is available in the round.

Step 3. A decision is made

Once an outcome has been determined for your application, the CBF secretariat will write and advise you of the outcome.

Read the funding rounds to find out when you will be notified.

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Last updated: 31 August 2018

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