The Cabinet

Cabinet is made up of ministers who have responsibility for areas of government, known as portfolios.

Examples of these include health, police, housing, infrastructure, education, environment and multicultural affairs.

All major policy and financial decisions of government are referred to Cabinet for discussion and decision.

The Cabinet process ensures that appropriate agencies in the public service are consulted and give advice before decisions are made.

Chief Minister

Hon Michael Patrick Francis Gunner MLA

Chief Minister
Minister for Northern Australia
Minister for Trade and Major Projects
Minister for Treaty 
Minister for Children



Hon Nicole Susan Manison MLA

Deputy Chief Minister
Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services
Minister for Business and Innovation


Hon Natasha Kate Fyles MLA

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice
Minister for Health


Hon Gerald Francis McCarthy MLA

Minister for Housing and Community Development
Minister for Public Employment


Hon Kenneth Edward Vowles MLA

Minister for Primary Industry and Resources
Minister for Aboriginal Affairs 
Minister for the Arafura Games


Hon Lauren Jane Moss MLA

Minister for Tourism and Culture
Minister for Corporate and Information Services


Hon Eva Dina Lawler MLA

Minister for Environment and Natural Resources
Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics


Hon Dale Suzanne Wakefield MLA

Minister for Territory Families
Minister for Renewables and Essential Services


Hon Selena Jane Malijarri Uibo MLA

Minister for Education
Minister for Training


Last updated: 29 June 2018

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