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Under the Northern Territory (NT) Information Act 2002, public sector organisations must transfer their records created 30 years ago to Library & Archives NT for safekeeping and preservation.

You can view most archived records held by Library and Archives NT. This includes the Cabinet records.

The original copies of all NT Cabinet submissions and decisions are filed and bound into books. These records relate to the social, political and economic development of the NT.

Each year on 1 January, the records created 30 years ago are made public.

Indexes of Cabinet records

A full listing of Cabinet decisions and Executive Council records from 1990 are available:

Index of Cabinet submissions and decisions PDF (1.9 MB)
Index of Cabinet submissions and decisions DOCX (212.6 KB)

Index of Executive Council records PDF (943.1 KB)
Index of Executive Council records DOCX (104.7 KB)

Not all Cabinet decisions are available to view. A listing of exempt records is available:

Cabinet records exempted from 30 year release PDF (150.1 KB)
Cabinet records exempted from 30 year release DOCX (60.9 KB)

Viewing Cabinet information

Information available for viewing can be accessed by appointment at the NT Archives Centre.

For more information and to make an appointment, contact Libraries and Archives NT.

Cabinet Records highlights for 1990

Below is a list of highlights for the 1990 Cabinet records.

The Northern Territory Government approved in-principle the establishment of a new national park centred on the Davenport and Murchison Ranges near Tennant Creek.

Following an instruction by the Minister for Conservation in 1983, the Conservation Commission of the NT investigated the establishment of a significant national park in the Tennant Creek district. The area including the Davenport and Murchison Ranges, adjacent to the existing Devil’s Marbles Conservation Reserve, proved to be a prime candidate, as it was rich with Northern Territory history and boasted numerous gorges and waterholes.

The Submission noted the economic benefits the new park would bring to the Northern Territory, as well as its alignment with local and regional developmental aspirations. The NT Government accepted the Submission’s recommendations and supported the establishment of the park, directing a further Submission be prepared following investigations into the acquisition of the land.

The Iytwelepenty / Davenport Ranges National Park is a Schedule 1 joint managed park.

Read the Cabinet decision - Submission No. 5435 / Decision No. 6325 of 9 January 1990  PDF (6.4 MB).

Aligning with Australia’s national and international agreements to phase out the use of ozone-depleting substances, the Northern Territory Government approved the introduction of the Ozone Protection Bill to the Legislative Assembly.

As global scientific evidence mounted that a range of substances commonly used in aerosols, refrigerants and firefighting foams were increasing the rate of decay of ozone in the Earth’s stratosphere, the Commonwealth Government, along with all States and Territories, agreed to implement coordinated legislation to regulate and control their use.

The Submission stressed the importance of ozone in screening carcinogenic ultra-violet radiation and noted the NT Government’s previous commitment to the Australia and New Zealand Environment Council’s nationally endorsed National Strategy for Ozone Protection.

The Ozone Protection Bill submitted to Cabinet provided for extensive regulation-making powers after consultation with industry and government stakeholders to carry out the Northern Territory’s obligations under the Strategy and to phase out the use of  ozone depleting substances.

The NT Government approved the Ozone Protection Bill, along with the accompanying second reading speech and committee notes, and endorsed the release of an advertisement to the local press informing of the new legislation.

NB: This Ozone Protection Act was repealed in 2009. Ozone depleting substances are managed by the Commonwealth under the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act 1989 and related Acts. Relevant offences under that legislation commenced in 2009, enabling the repeal of the NT legislation.

Read the Cabinet decision - Submission No. 5482 / Decision No. 6381 of 23 February 1990 PDF (7.0 MB).

In May 1984 the Northern Territory Government approved in-principle the establishment of a national park in the Victoria River  District, and directed the Department of Mines and Energy and the Conservation Commission of the NT to prepare a joint submission regarding legislative and regulatory changes to permit and regulate exploration activities on Parks and Reserves.

Following agreement between the Department of Mines and Energy and the Conservation Commission about reserving some  parcels of land for mineral exploration and that a list of general conditions would apply, the NT Government agreed that the declaration of Gregory National Park may proceed.

The Judbarra / Gregory National Park is a Schedule 1 joint managed park.

Read the Cabinet decision - Submission No. 5488 / Decision No. 6392 of 2 March 1990 PDF (3.1 MB).

Following the findings of an interdepartmental committee on privacy legislation, the Northern Territory Government approved a range of administrative measures aimed at increasing the strength of personal information protections within Government.

With increasing global concern around the protection of personal information, the NT Government established a committee to report on the strength of data protections in NT Government systems. The Submission noted the rapid advancements in information technology and the challenges it presented for the effective protection of personal data. It looked at measures other Australian jurisdictions had taken, and presented options ranging from a do nothing extreme, to the immediate introduction of wide-ranging privacy legislation.

The NT Government approved the phased approach to strengthening personal information protections, beginning with a Government-wide audit of existing practices, the preparation of new Administrative Instructions to all agencies and the establishment of a new committee for the Protection of Personal Information.

Read the Cabinet decision - Submission No. 5601 / Decision No. 6535 of 5 July 1990 PDF (3.3 MB).

With high growth in airline and passenger traffic, the Northern Territory Government considered adding to the 1990-91 Design List the redevelopment of Connellan Airport to extend the landside and airside facilities.

Connellan Airport first opened in 1980-81 as a standard regional airport to service the Yulara Resort. Over the next decade, the number of passengers passing through the Airport began to climb and the Airport’s airline traffic quadrupled. The Submission includes the number of tourists taking scenic flights from Connellan Airport, the number of scenic flights by Connellan-based light aircraft and the percentage of scenic flight passengers who are international tourists.

The Submission noted interest by airlines to operate larger Boeing 737-300 services to Connellan Airport which would require an extension to the terminal and upgrades to roads and associated services. Pending finalisation of the Civil Aviation Authority’s exact airside requirements for B737 operations, the Submission recommended upgrading the landside facilities to ease congestion and to cater for the inevitable operation of B737 flights.

The NT Government approved the addition to the design list of the $3.5 million redevelopment, noting that a separate submission addressing cost recovery for the redevelopment would be put to Cabinet prior to the 1991-92 Budget process.

Read the Cabinet decision - Submission No. 5607 / Decision No. 6541 of 5 July 1990 PDF (3.3 MB).

The Northern Territory Government formally adopted the National Health Policy on Alcohol and endorsed the strategies for implementation of the Policy in Australia.

The National Health Policy on Alcohol was drafted by the Ministerial Council on Drug Strategy, a joint body created by the National Standing Committee of Health Ministers. The Submission recognised the importance of a strategic health policy on alcohol, especially given the prevalence of alcohol-related issues in the Northern Territory.

Government adopted the revised National Health Policy on Alcohol and endorsed the strategies for its implementation across Australia.

Read the Cabinet decision - Submission No. 5644 / Decision No. 6586 of 17 August 1990 PDF (10.0 MB).

Following approval by Cabinet in 1989 that all existing and future Northern Territory University (NTU) operations would be relocated to the Casuarina campus, Cabinet noted the NTU Master Plan and endorsed the proposed cost sharing arrangements between the NT and Commonwealth Governments to facilitate the relocation and further development.

The Submission pointed to the requirement to vacate the existing NTU campus at Myilly Point by 1996, and explained the implementation stages and cash flows required to achieve this. It noted that further development would also be required on the Casuarina campus to accommodate for strong enrolment growth.

With concerns that the Commonwealth Government could withhold its share of funding for the relocation should an arrangement fail to be reached with the Territory soon, the Submission accordingly emphasised the urgency of finalising an agreement.

Although the Submission provided a range of other options - including keeping the campus at Myilly Point - the NT Government endorsed the proposed cost-sharing formulae to ensure an agreement was reached with the Commonwealth Government and that the development moved ahead.

Read the Cabinet decision - Submission No. 5665 / Decision No. 6610 of 28 August 1990  PDF (3.6 MB).

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