Darwin Harbour Advisory Committee


The Darwin Harbour Advisory Committee provides advice to the Northern Territory (NT) Government through the Minister for Environment, Parks and Water Security (the Minister) on the effective management of Darwin Harbour and its catchment. This is to ensure that for now and into the future, a balance is maintained between:

  • sustainable development
  • a working harbour important to a range of cultural, recreational and economic values and
  • the protection and maintenance of healthy environments and ecosystems in the harbour and its catchment.

The Committee will:

  • Work with all stakeholders and provide advice on the development of an evidenced-based, integrated research and monitoring (IRM) program for Darwin Harbour to inform sustainable management, protect the aquatic environment, cultural and community values, and identify critical habitats at risk.
  • Work with the NT Government to provide on-going advice on the IRM program and facilitate the development of an evidence-based annual reporting framework for Darwin Harbour’s aquatic environment.
  • Gather and disseminate information, encourage and support collaboration with key stakeholders including the community, seek feedback on strategic objectives and facilitate leading practice approaches to harbour management.
  • Provide advice to the Minister on issues affecting the integrated management and protection of Darwin Harbour and its catchment, whilst ensuring that environmental and cultural concerns are addressed.
  • Provide advice on matters referred to it by the Minister.