Birthing services in Central Australia

Labour and birth

Most women who give birth at Alice Springs Hospital do so in the birthing suite. The birthing suite has four birth rooms, showers, toilets and baths. 

With the approval of the delivery team you can choose to have the baby's father or another support person at the birth of your baby.

Once born, your baby will usually stay in your room with you and should only be handled by the mother, father and siblings.

If you live in Alice Springs you can also choose to give birth at home.

For more information about labour and birth call the Alice Springs Hospital maternity ward: (08) 8951 7620.

Complications or health problems

Midwives can care for healthy women with healthy pregnancies.

If you have health problems or a complicated pregnancy you can be referred to a specialist obstetrician or doctor in the Maternity Unit.

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Last updated: 12 May 2016

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