Complaints about mental health treatment

Northern Territory Mental Health Line: 1800 682 288

If you have any complaints, worries or problems with your mental health treatment or care, you can speak to any of the following people:

The Community Visitor Program (CVP) is an independent body that oversees reviews and complaints under the law. It provides a personal service by looking into and trying to settle complaints and concerns. 

The community visitor program helps improve service improvements and your outcomes.

You have the right to access the program when you are admitted to the Northern Territory (NT) Mental Health Service, either in a hospital or in the community. 

How to contact the CVP

Health service staff will tell you how to contact a community visitor and help you contact them.

Your carer can also talk to the community visitor. 

You can either discuss concerns or make a complaint:

For more information go to the Community Visitor Program website.

Complaint process

The process of resolving a complaint depends on:

  • what it's about
  • how quickly it can be resolved.

The aim of the CVP is to resolve all complaints and enquiries at as low a level as possible and as quickly as possible. 

Most complaints are resolved within 24 hours.

Where they visit 

They regularly visit Cowdy Ward and Joan Ridley Unit in Darwin and the Mental Health Unit in Alice Springs.

They also visit patients at their request in the ward in the community.

What they review

Community visitors review the following:

  • facilities and services
  • information that is given to patients about the complaint process
  • whether the staff have failed to comply under the law
  • any other issues.

Complain to other bodies

They can also help you to make applications to other organisations or bodies that deal with complaints, such as the Health and Community Services Complaints Commission or the NT Ombudsman.

They can also help you to apply for a review of your admission and/or treatment to the Mental Health Review Tribunal and help you to submit your application.

Last updated: 27 June 2017