NT Companion Card

How to use your NT Companion Card

You should check the list of affiliates who accept the Companion Card.

Many venues will display a Companion Card logo at their entrance or on their promotional or advertising material.

Logo of companion card

If the venue accepts the card this does not guarantee it is accessible. You should check with the venue or activity operator before you buy your tickets.

Show your card before you buy or book your tickets to make sure you receive a free ticket for your carer

Some venues or activity operators may not know about the Companion Card, but may accept your card when you show your card and tell them about the program.

You can call 08 8999 2809 during business hours if there are any issues with your card.

Using your card interstate

You can use your card in the Northern Territory and interstate.

You can find out more information about where you can use your card interstate on the National Companion Card website.

Booking tickets

You must present your Companion Card when booking or buying a ticket for a participating business or affiliate.

If you book your ticket over the phone, you should tell the operator you have a Companion Card and you need a companion ticket.

You may need to give all of the following information:

  • your name
  • your Companion Card number
  • the card expiry date.

You will be given a second ticket for your companion at no charge. You will not be charged a booking fee for the second ticket.

Companion tickets can't be used unless the companion cardholder is present. Only the person whose photograph and name appears on the card can use the Companion Card.

Package deals

You can use your card to book a package deal that includes extras such as meals.

However, you must check with the venue or activity operator what is included in the companion ticket.

Your companion's support must not be disrupted if the extra components are not included in the companion ticket. For example, if meals are not included, the companions must be able to bring or access food to continue to support you.

If you have a complaint

If you have a complaint about the recognition of your Companion Card, or issues about access or unfair treatment at venues or activities, you should first try and resolve your complaint with the management of that venue or activity.

You should then contact the Companion Card program.

Misusing the card

If a venue or activity operator suspects a card is being misused, they can report this to the Companion Card program.

Your card may be cancelled and you may not be eligible to reapply.

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Last updated: 01 November 2019

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