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  1. Contacts

    Information on contact details for Northern Territory Government departments and agencies, including making a complaint to government, and feedback on…

  2. Support for business

    Information and services to help your business develop and grow.

  3. Registration fees

    Vehicle registration fees in the NT.

  4. Home owner assistance

    Financial assistance for first homeowners, low or middle income earners, existing and previous homeowners, seniors pensioners and carers.

  5. Threatened animals

    Threatened amphibians, birds, invertebrates, mammals and reptiles in the Northern Territory (NT).

  6. Camping fees

    Get information about the fees you must pay where camping is allowed in parks in the Northern Territory.

  7. Copyright, disclaimer and privacy

    Northern Territory Government's copyright and disclaimer statement, including privacy statement.

  8. Concessions and payments

    Information about the NT Concession and Seniors Recognition schemes.

  9. Fisheries compliance

    Read about the who is responsible for fisheries enforcement in the Northern Territory.

  10. Learning together

    Supporting parents, carers and families to feel confident and fully equipped is an important part of the Northern Territory’s Department of Education learning…