RentNT app

RentNT is a free Northern Territory Government app for your smartphone or tablet.

The app offers you advice on:

  • what to do when you're looking for a home to rent
  • signing a lease
  • managing your lease
  • fulfilling your responsibilities
  • moving in
  • moving out
  • what to do if you break your lease
  • how to get help if you have a dispute with your landlord
  • where to go if you have trouble getting your bond back.

RentNT also allows you to:

  • store photos for your condition report
  • manage important deadlines
  • keep reminders for when to lodge your condition report
  • set alerts for when you have to pay rent
  • be notified when you need to give notice to end the lease.

How to get the app

The app is available for both Apple and Android mobile and tablet devices.

Go to:

Download the app for android from google play

Download the app for apple from the App Store

Last updated: 11 February 2016

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