Public housing inspections

Housing officers will come to your public housing home to inspect its condition. They will visit four times a year. 

They may come more than this if your house needs repairs. 

They can also drive by your home to make sure you are looking after your yard.

What housing officers look at

Housing officers check you are looking after your home

They will also check to see if your home needs any repairs or maintenance.

They will organise for someone to fix anything that needs repairs.

They may tell you to fix something if it is your responsibility. This includes any damage that is deliberate. 

When you are told to repair your home

You will have 28 days to repair damage to your home.

Housing officers will come back to your home to check you have repaired the damage.

If you don't repair the damage, housing officers may organise for someone else to do the work.

You will then have to pay the Department of Housing for the cost of this work. 

For more information contact your local housing office.

Last updated: 12 August 2015


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