Be a good neighbour in public housing

As a public housing tenant you have the right to enjoy your property in peace and quiet.

Your neighbours also have this right, so it's important you don't cause problems for them. 

How to be a good neighbour

You should do all of the following:

  • show respect for your neighbours
  • help to create reasonable peace, quiet and enjoyment in your neighbourhood
  • be responsible for your visitors
  • park only in designated spaces 
  • make sure you do not create problems or engage in antisocial behaviour.

Find out more about what antisocial behaviour is.

Information on how to be a good neighbour

To help you understand how to be a good neighbour, you can listen to one of these radio commercials. 

They are available in English and four Aboriginal languages:

Feedback or complaints about neighbours

If you have a serious or illegal problem with a public housing neighbour, you should call the Northern Territory Police on 000.

If you want to make a complaint about the behaviour of one of your public housing neighbours, you can contact your local housing office or call 1800 685 743 during business hours. 

After hours from 4pm to 8am, including public holidays and weekends, call the Northern Territory Police on 131 444. 

Read more about feedback and complaints about public housing.

Last updated: 14 June 2017

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