Look after your public housing home

Look after your public housing yard

You must look after your public housing yard. Keep the lawn short and mow it regularly. Pull out the weeds and put them in the bin.


You can plant shrubs, bushes and flowers in your yard, however it is your responsibility to look after them. 

All plants must be two metres from the house and one metre from the fence line to help stop damage to the fence and white ant damage.

Clothes line

Every house has a clothes line.

Don’t hang anything heavy on the line and don’t let people swing from the clothes line.

This will break the clothes line and you will be responsible for paying for the repairs.


You must keep your yard clear of rubbish. 

Put all the rubbish in the wheelie bin. 

Your local council provides each house with a rubbish bin or wheelie bin that should be kept outside the house.

You can keep small bins inside but make sure you empty them regularly into the wheelie bin.

Remember to put the wheelie bin out on bin day so it can be emptied.

To keep flies and maggots out of your bin, keep the lid closed all the time and wash the bin out each time it is emptied.

Don’t leave old car bodies in your yard. 

If you need help getting large items such as car bodies or old appliances out of the yard ask your local shire council for advice.

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Last updated: 18 August 2015

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