Working on remote public housing projects

This page has information for businesses and individuals about working on a remote housing project.

Types of training

There are a number of organisations delivering remote housing projects across the Northern Territory (NT).

These organisations provide opportunities for local residents to train and gain certificates in the following areas: 

  • electrical
  • construction
  • carpentry
  • catering
  • mentoring and training
  • operating plant
  • painting
  • general labour
  • landscaping and gardening
  • plumbing and drainage
  • administration
  • first aid
  • plumbing and drainage
  • bricklaying and blocklaying
  • concreting. 

Register your business

Northern Territory businesses and Indigenous enterprises can register with the Northern Territory Industry Capability Network.

Go to the Northern Territory Capability Network website to find out more information. 

Get involved as an individual

You will need to get a job with one of the contracted businesses or organisations.

To read more about current remote housing projects go to the Department of Housing website.

Last updated: 22 June 2018