Apply for public housing

How your application is assessed

Your application for public housing will be processed in two to four weeks.

You will be contacted about the outcome of your application.

In urban areas your application will be assessed based on the income and value of assets in your household.

To be eligible for public housing in urban areas, your household income and assets must be lower than the below eligibility limits.

Household size Gross income limit per week (before tax)* Household asset limit*
- new applicants
- existing tenants under 55 years
Household asset limit*
- existing tenants over 55 years
1 $899 $72,076$259,043
2 $1,168 $102,838$259,043
3 $1,359 $162,879$364,465
4 $1,560$162,879$364,465
5 $1,753$162,879 $364,465
6 $1,950$162,879 $364,465

* Income and asset limits were last changed on 19 October, 2021.

All household members aged 18 years and over must provide proof of income.

This evidence can include:

  • Centrelink statements for benefits or pensions
  • pay slips from your job
  • for self employed people a copy of your previous financial year notice of assessment for income tax from the Australian Taxation Office
  • proof in writing of pensions from overseas or veteran's affairs.

Income not included

Some types of income are excluded from your assessment.

These include:

  • child care benefit
  • carer allowance or bonus
  • foster child allowance
  • child maintenance payments made by you
  • pharmaceutical allowance.

Get more information about what types of income are included or excluded from the assessment.

In urban areas, your assets will also be looked at to see if you qualify for public housing.

You and all people living with you aged 18 years and over will need to provide proof of your assets.

These include:

  • savings and cash holdings
  • recreation vehicles, quad bikes and trail bikes
  • boats
  • caravans, camping trailers and mobile homes
  • stock market bonds and investments
  • superannuation funds that can be assessed
  • land or property.

Find a full list of what assets are assessed when you apply for public housing.

Assets not included

Some items are not included when assessing eligibility. These include:

  • personal affects
  • general household furniture
  • personal vehicles and other forms of transport, including:
    • cars
    • motorbikes
    • mobility scooters.

For some, proof must be given showing they cannot be assessed.

You will be contacted and put on the waiting list.

You will be offered accommodation when your turn is reached and a suitable property becomes available.

Waiting times vary and in some areas the wait is over five years.

You will be contacted while you are on the waiting list to see if you still want to stay on the list.

If your situation changes contact your local housing office.

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Last updated: 08 November 2021

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