Crown land sales

Who manages Crown land

The Crown Land Estate is responsible for managing Crown land in the Northern Territory (NT). 

This includes all of the following:  

  • occupation licences 
  • building leases  
  • miscellaneous licences
  • temporary use of Crown land for a range of events
  • maintenance of Crown land, including:
    • litter control
    • weed control
    • fire breaks
    • management of illegal uses
  • permits to discharge a firearm on Crown land. 

How to report illegal dumping 

You can contact a Crown Land Estate office if you see any illegal dumping taking place. 

You should record the following: 

  • the registration plate of any vehicle involved
  • the date
  • time 
  • location.  

These reports can be made anonymously.

Permit to discharge a firearm on Crown land 

Specific Crown land has been set aside to allow for the discharge of a firearm.

This helps you apply for a firearms licence from the NT Police.

For information on who can apply for a firearms licence read firearms licences and weapons.

For details on rules and regulations around hunting and shooting in the NT read hunting and shooting.

To apply for a permit to discharge a firearm on Crown Land contact your the Crown Land Estate office.

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Last updated: 22 June 2018