Steps in the plan-making process

Before any planning decisions are made, the government follows a specific process.

This helps ensure decisions are made in a fair and open way.

The steps in the plan-making process can be broadly summarised as below.

1. Understand the community's needs

The government looks at the community's needs to understand how to respond.

They then talk to the community about their expectations and aspirations.

2. Plan for the community's needs

The government works with other service providers, industry and affected community to develop planning strategies.

The broader community is then asked for their views.

3. Update plans, policies and rules

The government proposes changes to the planning scheme.

Industry and the wider community are asked about the proposed changes.

The minister for planning approves the changes and the planning controls are updated.

4. Make fair and transparent planning decisions

Once rules are updated, planning applications are considered against them.

This ensures planning decisions are fair and transparent.

Last updated: 31 July 2020

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