2019 approved applications

PA No.LocationDescriptionApproved Area (ha) View on map
PA2019/0415 NTP 5008, Claravale Cropping – hay and silage 17/12/2019 613.35 View on map
PA2019/0351 NTP 7343, Edith Cropping – hay and silage 12/11/2019 17.15 View on map
PA2017/0078 NTP 6337, Venn Cropping – hay and silage 11/11/2019 175.1 View on map
PA2019/0350 NTP 6066, Marrakai Grazing modified pastures 07/11/2019 18.96 View on map
PA2019/0331 NTP 5287, Marrakai  Seasonal horticulture – vegetables and herbs 05/11/2019 4.94 View on map
PA2019/0309 NTP 5706, McArthur Mining – 2 x well pads and access roads 29/10/2019 14.01ha within a 56.36ha corridor. View on map
PA2019/0252 NTP 5706, McArthur Seismic lines 16/09/2019 67.2ha within a 502.4ha corridor. View on map
PA2019/0246 NTP 1400, Florina Cropping – improved pastures 09/09/2019 459.87 View on map
PA2019/0055 NTP 5280, Marrakai Irrigated fruit trees 29/05/2019 21.12 View on map
PA2019/0057 NTP 2372, Daly Waters Biodiversity facility 08/05/2019 2.02 View on map
PA2018/0422 NTP 1632, East Arnhem Accommodation, warehouse and workers camp site 29/03/2019 4.27 View on map
PA2018/0415 NTP 5007, Claravale Hay production and improved pastures 08/03/2019 172.01 View on map
PA2018/0115 NTP 5224, Robin Falls Airstrip 25/01/2019 3.75 View on map

Last updated: 21 January 2020

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