2015 approved applications

PA No.LocationDescriptionApprovedArea (ha)
PA2014/0803NTP 2530 Douglas DalyImproved pasture23/02/2015112
PA2014/0918NTP 2532 Douglas DalyImproved pasture23/02/2015133.5
PA2014/0963NTP 6072 Douglas DalyImproved pasture23/02/2015221
PA2014/0776NTP 5535 MarrakaiHorticulture30/03/201549.5
PA2015/0023NTP 5532 MarrakaiHorticulture30/03/201512
PA2015/0117NTP 6071 Douglas DalyImproved pasture06/05/2015930.5
PA2015/0206Lots 253 and 255 Town of YularaInfrastructure09/06/20152.7
PA2015/0178NTP 2534 and 4651 Douglas DalyImproved pasture21/08/20151324.6
PA2015/0456NTP 7095 Douglas DalyImproved pasture18/09/2015161.4
PA2015/0492NTP 6140 MarrakaiHorticulture18/09/201512.3
PA2015/0636NTP 705 SandoverInfrastructure30/11/20151.8
PA2015/0690NTP 6269 Douglas DalyForestry01/12/201573.2
PA2015/0762NTP 7095 Douglas DalyImproved pasture21/12/20156.2
PA2015/0806NTP 1646 ManingridaInfrastructure21/12/20154.1

Last updated: 02 August 2018

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